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Thinking of Working in New Zealand?

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Want To Work In New Zealand?

You may be eligible to work in New Zealand on a temporary or permanent basis. You should be aware, though, that your job options will be limited in most cases.

New Zealand employers are actively looking for qualified people. But be prepared for a work life that is a little different to what you are used to…

Temporary & permanent work in New Zealand

Whether you are coming to New Zealand to work on a permanent or temporary basis, you’ll need to find a job that meets immigration requirements for your visa.

For temporary work visas, your position will generally need to be one that your employer is struggling to fill locally. And permanent residency applications will be helped by skills and experience in professions that are in high demand in New Zealand.

Working life in New Zealand

NZ has a relatively small population and an economy dominated by small to medium sized business. So you may find that you have to increase your flexibility and reduce your salary expectations. Your responsibilities and how / when you work won’t necessarily be set in stone.

The standard work week in NZ is 40 hours. It is not uncommon to work longer, though, which can surprise people coming from guaranteed 36-37 hour work weeks.

But most migrants find that easier commutes and easy access to recreational activities — not to mention all sorts of other lifestyle advantages — easily compensate for any downsides of a different working environment. (See our Free Guide to the New Zealand Immigration Process for more information on working in NZ and how kiwis approach work.)

Helping you find a job in New Zealand

The support we offer migrants goes well beyond visa applications… And one of the things that makes us different is the extensive range of immigration approved job vacancies available to our clients.

Our goal is to get you and your family happily settled in New Zealand. Enjoy the security of our 100% application success rate and all the other support we offer.

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Thank you so much for New Life’s help, advice and support over the years. Your knowledge and expertise allowed us to continue even during those times we had doubts that we would succeed. I would recommend your Company to anyone intent on emigrating. What a great Christmast present!

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