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NZ Job Search Support Service

New Zealand Job Search Support Service

We know getting a job offer from overseas is hard. But what if you had your own personal Recruitment Consultant on the ground going into bat for you to get the job that could literally change your life? That’s what the New Life Job Search Support service is all about.

As part of our New Life Visa Service, we will provide you with  your own dedicated Recruitment Consultant who knows the New Zealand market and has the connections to make things happen. We don’t just cover the construction industry like some other companies, we work across all sectors and professions and work throughout New Zealand.

Job Search Consultation

When you sign up with us, your Recruitment Consultant will have a job search consultation with you to help you understand the New Zealand job market and to overcome any barriers that maybe in your way. Your consultation will include:

  • What type of jobs to look for that will meet immigration criteria
  • Where to look for jobs
  • How to deal with barriers put up by employers and recruiters
  • What salary you can expect
  • Job Search Strategies
  • What to do if contacted by an employer
  • Interview coaching
  • Reference checking
  • Managing timeframes
  • Answering curly questions about your visa status
  • Cultural differences and how to deal with them

Your recruitment Consultant will also provide you with:

A personalised CV and a cover letter template tailored to the New Zealand job market

Finally, your Recruitment Consultant will:

Actively market you to New Zealand employers and recruitment agencies to help you get that all important job.

Remember the vast majority of vacancies are not advertised and most employers do not want to pay recruitment fees. This is why we don’t charge employers or recruitment agencies any placement fees. We want to take away as many barriers as possible to you getting that all important job offer.

Another important thing to remember is we work for you to find a job. Recruitment agents work for the employer to fill a role.

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