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We’ve helped over 10,000 Brits move to New Zealand since 2004.


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New Zealand Immigration Consultants

We’re the only NZ based Immigration Consultants to provide in-house Visa, job search support and resettlement assistance.

New Life New Zealand is like no other migration company. We are the only true one stop solution that helps people migrate successfully to New Zealand. We don’t just get you here, we look after you once you arrive and make sure your stay in New Zealand is a long and comfortable one. With us:

  • You access one service providing Visa Assistance, Job Placement and Settlement Support all from one office, ensuring seamless coordination and minimal stress for you.
  • You have direct access to our skilled team, a number of whom have migrated from the UK to New Zealand themselves.
  • We are based in New Zealand which makes sense as your visa will be submitted and processed here and your future employer is here too.
  • As we are on New Zealand time, we take away the barrier of the time difference when looking for a job. In fact we work while you sleep.
  • You will be listed on the only New Zealand-wide job website that has vacancies that meet immigration criteria.
  • We only deal with New Zealand so are experts in our field
  • All our prices are transparent and there are no hidden costs or surcharges. What you are quoted is what you pay, so no surprises.
  • Because we are in New Zealand you pay no VAT or GST if you are offshore.
  • Our Immigration Specialists have over 40 years combined experience.
  • We have our own dedicated in-house Recruitment Consultants, Employment Advisers, Business Advisers and Resettlement Consultants all working for you on the ground here in New Zealand.

At New Life New Zealand we do the whole lot for you. One phone call or email is all it takes to get things moving and help you start a new life in New Zealand.

Our expert team are able to guide you through the immigration process, assist you with your job search and help you settle into your new home.

In addition to this we have partnered up with some of New Zealand’s top employers across the country to provide the biggest selection of jobs aimed at overseas migrants that meet Immigration New Zealand criteria under the Skilled Migrant Category.

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Thank you so much for New Life’s help, advice and support over the years. Your knowledge and expertise allowed us to continue even during those times we had doubts that we would succeed. I would recommend your Company to anyone intent on emigrating. What a great Christmast present!

Thanks once again
Robin and Felicity Morgans