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Access immigration approved job vacancies that meet NZ immigration criteria


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Immigration Approved Job Vacancies In New Zealand

As you probably know by now, the majority of people looking to move to New Zealand need a job offer to make a successful visa application. Even if you have a New Zealand partner or spouse and don’t technically need a visa, chances are you will be looking for work when you come to New Zealand anyway.

When you make a Temporary Work Visa application or Skilled Migrant Residency application you can’t just accept any job. You will need a job offer from a New Zealand employer who can show that they are financially sound and meet Department of Labour laws. In addition, your job duties must match your experience and qualifications and must give you enough points to meet the 160 point threshold if applying for residency.

Websites such as SEEK and Trademe are a great source of jobs but they won’t tell you if the job meets immigration requirements and if it will get you a visa. They also won’t tell you if the employer meets the immigration requirements. You definitely don’t want to be in the situation where you’ve sold your house, had reference checks done with your current employer who now knows you’re leaving, paid money for visa applications, medicals, police clearances etc. only for it to fall through. Unfortunately we, we see it all the time.

This is why we have created our own list of verified job vacancies that meet immigration requirements. Each vacancy tells you whether it is will qualify for Skilled Migrant Residency or a Temporary Work Visa only.

All of the employers we work with are happy to accept applications from UK candidates. You will see each vacancy has a star classification.

A bronze star indicates the employer is happy to accept an application from a candidate who has been assessed and confirmed as eligible  to migrate to New Zealand under immigration rules by one of our Licensed Advisers.

A gold star indicates this employer is happy to accept applications only from candidates who are having the visa process handled in its entirety by one  of our Licensed Immigration Advisers

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