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Living in the UK but struggling to get a job in New Zealand?


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Getting A Job In New Zealand

Getting A Job In New Zealand

Finding a Job

If you’re a skilled migrant and you want to make the move to New Zealand, under Immigration New Zealand policy you will need an offer of employment that matches your skills and experience in most cases. Even if you’re coming to join family you may be in a category that requires a job offer and, if not, chances are you’d still like to have the security of knowing you can live comfortably, maintain your professional path and get the social contacts you will make through work once you arrive.

Make no mistake, getting a job in New Zealand from offshore is tough! We know we’ve done it. So many things count against you. Let’s face it:

  • You are 12,000 miles away
  • You are in a different time zone
  • You don’t have a visa and are competing with Kiwis who don’t need visas or or work visa holders who are already in NZ
  • You have no connections on the ground
  • Employers don’t know you from a bar of soap
  • You have no New Zealand work experience and don’t know the culture
  • It will take you some time to get here
  • You need to find a house, school for the kids, your mind is so full of things to do it’s definitely not on the job.

Sounds depressing doesn’t it. On the face of it you’re not particularly attractive to employers! Which is where we come in.

At New life New Zealand we work with you and employers to take away all of the barriers mentioned above.

Our website provides a great way to get your profile and CV in front of employers who genuinely want to recruit from overseas, and also enables you to view vacancies that have already been screened as suitable for skilled migration.

In addition, if you retain our full visa services and are pursuing your own independent job search at the same time we will be happy to contact prospective employers on your behalf to explain your immigration status and how we will be supporting you through the process.  This is important as many New Zealand employers do not have much experience employing from overseas, think it will be too complicated or time consuming, or are just plain scared to do it.

We hear all the time from candidates that they have been told ‘Your CV looks great – get in touch when you have your work visa’ by employers or recruitment agents who don’t understand that they need a job offer before they can apply for the visa.  We find that there is often a remarkable turnaround once we explain how the visa application works, that you are eligible to migrate and that we will be handling your application so the employer has a local contact who they can get in touch with whenever they need to, either to liaise with you or to help them with their own part of the Immigration New Zealand formalities.

We will also be happy to review jobs you are interested in applying for that are not advertised through our website to let you know whether they would be suitable for achieving your migration aims.  That way neither you nor the employers involved will waste time on applications that would not be suitable. We’ll make getting a job in NZ that much easier.

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Thank you so much for New Life’s help, advice and support over the years. Your knowledge and expertise allowed us to continue even during those times we had doubts that we would succeed. I would recommend your Company to anyone intent on emigrating. What a great Christmast present!

Thanks once again
Robin and Felcity Morgans