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Need staff but just can’t find the right people?


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Are you trying to beat the skills shortage?

Is finding qualified staff a challenge? Do you have any long-standing vacancies that you just can’t fill, or skilled workers on work visas who are going to have to go home soon? Are you beating your head against a bureaucratic brick wall trying to deal with immigration formalities so you can hire and keep the skilled workers you have managed to find?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then look no further – New Life New Zealand can help!

We have developed a system that gives you access to skilled people (mainly from the UK) who are eligible to migrate to New Zealand and are ready to make the move with us assisting in the immigration process. We have looked at the barriers that can prevent people from recruiting overseas and our service removes these barriers for employers. We already have a database of skilled people who want to move to New Zealand and this is increasing every day. To find the right staff for you all you need to do is list a job vacancy on our website.

Post your vacancies and access our skilled and qualified candidates FOR FREE!

Adroit Creations‘As a small but growing start-up in rural New Zealand we need to hang on to our key staff and we need to ensure we spend our time and money wisely. When we ran into the visa requirement wall attempting to bring one of our product leads over from Brazil with his family we made a quick call to Connor. He got the process back on track and our developer settled in with minimal pain and cost. Next time we will hit Connor up from the onset. I would recommend Connor and his Team to anyone looking to onboard overseas staff as efficiently as possible.’ Nic Edmonds, Chief of Customer Experience, Adroit Creations.

Nic Edmonds, Adroit Creations

When bringing a new employee to New Zealand for the first time we were unfamiliar with the current laws and processes to make this a success.  Through their knowledge and expertise, Connor and his Team gave us 100% confidence that they were giving us the best chance of a successful outcome.  Thank you for securing us our new employee and doing all the hard work to make the process so easy for us!    IT Partners

Kristy Cook, Marketing People and Culture, IT Partners

If you have vacancies that you would consider filling with skilled overseas candidates, you can register and post them on our vacancies database FOR FREE.

Our Immigration Specialists will check the vacancy to ensure that it conforms with Immigration New Zealand requirements so you can hire from overseas (why waste yours or the candidate’s time?) Then we will upload the vacancy onto our website and put you in touch with suitable candidates who wish to be considered for it.

View the profiles of all of our skilled & experienced candidates today

You can also view the profiles of all of our skilled & experienced candidates, and request a full CV if you are interested in knowing more about them. We can facilitate video and audio conference interviews with candidates if needed, and ensure that all our candidates are thoroughly reference checked, have had their qualifications checked against immigration and registration requirements, and are ready and available to come to New Zealand.

But it doesn’t stop there! Before accepting candidates we screen them for eligibility to migrate and make sure they have agreed to retain our services for their visa application, so you can consider them in full confidence that their application has the best chance of success.

Because we are based locally in New Zealand you will have easy access to our immigration and recruitment specialists so you are kept informed every step of the way. We also provide a range of resettlement services that will help your new staff member (and their family) to settle in quickly and smoothly to their new life in New Zealand.

Do you want to hire overseas but don’t know how?

We are able to provide you with international recruitment assistance for a range of positions. We can advertise on your behalf for specific positions overseas, and walk you through the process every step of the way.

If you already know who you want to hire and want to ensure that they make it safely through the immigration process then count on us to do that for you.

Are you trying to keep the skilled overseas staff you already have?

Perhaps you have been able to find workers with the skills and experience you need, but they are living and working in New Zealand on a fixed term work permit which is about to expire?

There are currently many times more people in New Zealand on a work visa than available places for people who want to convert to Permanent Residence and stay permanently. Conversion is not straight forward – what would you do if you lost your key staff?

Our expert immigration specialists will assess and put together the best case for your staff member (and their family) to be able to stay. We will shepherd their application through the process, even taking it to Appeal if necessary. Don’t take the risk – let us help you and your staff through this critical stage!

Contact us to find out how we can help.


These people have been assessed as eligible to migrate and have paid New Life New Zealand to handle their immigration applications. We are in constant contact with these clients and their move to New Zealand is guaranteed once they have a job offer. They have been prepared for the move and have our full support even after they arrive in New Zealand.

All contact goes through New Life New Zealand so that we can make the process as smooth as possible.

Candidate Profiles


These people have been assessed as eligible to migrate to New Zealand. If you are interested, we will contact them and find out where they are at with their plans to move to NZ and let you know. Initial contact will go through New Life New Zealand, saving you time and money.

Candidate Profiles

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