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Housing In New Zealand

Let’s be honest about housing in New Zealand. They’re not cheap and they don’t have the best insulation and heating properties. Very few have double glazing, virtually none have central heating and in many cases insulation is a bit of fluff in the ceiling.  That said, some of the houses can look absolutely stunning, have fabulous views and to be fair, it is a lot warmer than in the UK most of the year.

Character homes are a typical feature of the New Zealand landscape and can be quite majestic. They are generally from the 1910-1950 period and are usally made of locally sourced timber to protect them from earthquake movements. The rooves are often made of corrugated iron and they have sash winsdows and native timber wooden floors.

If you buy one of these beautiful houses you should check to see that it has been properly insulated in the ceiling and underfloor and that there is adequate heating. You will also have to pay attention to maintenance particularly exterior painting.

Lifestyle Blocks

A lifestyle block is somthing that many people from the UK and Europe aspire to own. Essentially a lifestyle block is a large house surrounded by a few acres of land. People who own these properties may keep, sheep, horses or ponies and maybe a few cattle. They offer space, peace and quiet and soemtimes specatcular scenery. They can also provide an additional income stream from from a Bed and Breakfast or produce.

It is important to note that Lifestyle blocks require a lot of work and will take up much of your weekend, particulary if you have animals. There is also a reasonable outlay when setting up, for example you will likely need a grunty ride-on lawn mower, a reticulation system for irrigation and a large selection of tools.

Ongoing costs include, vets bills, fertiliser/lime, weedspray chemicals, arborist fees, firearms and ammunition to keep pests down as well as fence maintenance etc.


A section is a bare plot of land where you can build your own home. For many people this is their chance to put their stamp on the environment. When puchasing a section you should always take professinal advice. Particularly if you are purchasing a bare or a rural section. When deciding to buy a section you should establish whether there is power and water to the property or if these have to be added.

Other potential costs to consider are driveways, septic tanks, drainage, water tanks, trees to be cut down, fencing, phone and internet connectivity. Sections in residential developments usually have these taken care of by the developers.


Apartments are a cheaper alternative to buying a house, particularly if you want to live in the central city. In Auckland for example, apartment complexes can have gymnasiums and swimming pools but you should be careful to check the body corporate fees which can be quite expensive and are on top of your rent.

New Zealand State Housing

The New Zealand government does provide state housing but not on the scale or to the standard of the UK. State housing is means tested and is generally only available to the most vulnerable in society.