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Entrepreneur Category / Business Visa

Buy or set up a business

The Entrepreneur Category was introduced in March 2014 and replaced the long-Term Business Visa. It is designed for people who want to migrate to New Zealand and set up a business that is innovative. It is a two-stage process and is a points-based system. Each applicant must submit an initial expression of interest for a minimum of 120 points.

Points can be gained through a number of means including age, business experience, previous business ownership, the location of the proposed business, the amount of the investment, the number of staff employed and the amount of expected turnover.

Once you have been invited to apply and you have submitted your application, if successful you will receive a temporary visa to allow you to enter the country and start your business. Then once you have achieved everything you said you would achieve in your initial application you will be granted residency.

Please note the success rate for a business visa is a very low 25% and that is at the temporary stage only. The figures are much lower for actual residency.

Also although the requirements are a minimum investment of only $100,000 in reality to make up 120 points the vast majority of people require a minimum of $500,000 plus personal living costs.

We strongly recommend you talk to our Business Visa Specialist Catherine Neazor Brady before committing yourself.